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Cheeky Car Service

Cheeky Car Service

Let the sexy, gorgeous and ever so lovely Emma Jenson show the FULL picture by teaching you how to... Complete a full car service, making this normally boring task an absolute pleasure and never a chore.

This DVD is a step-by-step guild taking you through the essentials of a basic car maintenance, checking the wheel bearings, safely changing a wheel, checking brake pads, changing the plugs, doing an oil change and much much phwoar...!

This is a “how to complete a car service”... BUT with a cheeky difference. Over 50 minutes of tantalising know how facts, tricks and tips for the budding mechanic who wants to learn all the ropes... the nice way...!

Your wife or girlfriend will be well pleased with how much you have save from not going to the local mechanic... BUT she'll have to tear you away from the beautiful teacher to get it done first..!

Cocktail King

Cocktail King

Let Charlie V, with over 10 years experience as one of London's finest mixologists at the Lonsdale Bar in London, show you how to be a Cocktail King.

Charlie will take you through 15 classic cocktails from around the world's most famous clubs and bars using techniques and methods passed down through generations of cocktail connoisseurs.

A must have for all the best party hosts...

The Easy Way To Play Guitar

Easy Way To Play Guitar

This program is for beginners for all ages that includes what you'll need to start playing acoustic guitar NOW! Designed by guitarist/instructor John Snell for the absolute beginner, in our case; Amy, John starts with tuning and four simple chords. We also learn strumming techniques developing your dexterity and many helpful tips…

By the end of the lesson you will have learned basics like:

How to hold the guitar and proper hand/body positioning / Four commonly used chords: G (easy G), D, E (minor), C9 /Strumming Techniques / Shopping for the type of guitar suited to yourself / How to tune a guitar using pipes, tuning fork and with an electronic meter.

The Healing Powers Of Massage & Meditation

Let Melissa More show you how…

Massage is the perfect tonic to unwind after a busy day in today's hectic society.

This DVD will take you step by step through the many techniques, principles and pressure points of the body for you to be able to perform professional massages to family and friends, assisting in better sleep, calmer thoughts and a better life style.

Includes massage for Feet & Legs, Upper & Lower Back, Neck & Head.
Melissa then guides you through simple self massage techniques and exercises promoting positive thinking and general wellbeing.

Finally, Melissa teaches you her 15 minute meditation routine, the perfect way to start the day.

The Mystic Powers Of Crystal Healing

Crystals have been objects of beauty, fascination and mystery throughout the ages and have the power to protect, enhance, uplift and heal.

Let Melissa More (Holistic Healer) take you through the magical and amazing powers of crystal healing.

This DVD will show you step by step how to heal not only yourself but others too.

Melissa will teach you the basics of which crystals relate to which bits of the body, mind and spirit and explains the “how's” and “why's” of this ancient practice giving you the confidence and skills to try something different for yourself.

The Power Of Flowers

Join Orlando Hamilton of Orlando Hamilton Floral Design in London as he shows and shares with you how you can achieve great floral displays in your own home. Orlando has been a professional florist for over 15 years, and his wealth of experience and creativity in floristry is brought to you in this inspiring DVD.

You will visit the New Covent Garden Flower Market in London where Orlando gives you handy tips and advice on buying flowers, colour and type matching and what to stay away from.

Armed and fully loaded with an array of flowers you join Orlando back in his Notting Hill shop where you will learn:

How to get the most out of flowers / How to display flowers / Care & maintenance / Use of Vases and containers / Flowers and colours for seasons / Floral arrangements for specific occasions.

Running time approx 60 minutes

Chinese Triads

Black Dragon: The Triads Of China - With roots in ancient Chinese Dynasties, the triads of today are still secret societies and also among Asia's most feared criminal organisations, running illegal operations throughout the Pacific rim.

Cat No: RETDVD 020

Columbian / Latin American Cartels

King Of Cocaine: Pablo Escobar (Columbia) - The long-time king of the Columbian drug trade, Pablo Escobar was known in Medellin as a Robin Hood, though hi establishment of a drug superhighway into the U.S. cause the deaths of thousands, including judges and politicians.

Cat No: RETDVD 028

Cosa Nostra In New York

It was during the roaring days of prohibition that gangsters of America first united to form a national crime syndicate.
Since that time, organised crime has grown to be a world wide menace. Here we look at the crime families and bosses of the Cosa Nostra in the USA.
Narrated by 'The Untouchable' the late Robert Stack.

Cat No: RETDVD 005

Empire Of Fear: Lesser Lloyd Coke

Lesser Lloyd Coke (Jamaica) - A close-up look at the notorious leader of the most feared of the Jamaican "posses", responsible for running drugs and weapons and for huge money laundering operations.

Cat No: RETDVD 056

Gangsta King: Raymond Lee Washington

Raymond Lee Washington (Los Angeles) - Emulating black militants of the sixties, the child of one of L.A's worst slums established a street gang which has grown into a nation-wide organisation with criminal operations across the country.

Cat No: RETDVD 055

Gangsters Of Britain & Europe

Though not as famous for organised crime as the U.S., England, has had a number of small but viscious gangs known as "Firms", one of the most notoriuos was that headed by the voilent Kray Brothers.

Cat No: RETDVD 037

The Global Menace

What once was considered a New York, Chicago, or American problem has now become a worldwide phenomenon with frightening and unprecendented cooperation between the major criminal groups of the U.S., Russia, Latin America, Italy and Japan.

Cat No: RETDVD 036

The Godfather vs. The President

The boss of New Orleans ' Mafia, Carlos Marcello, who was under attack by both John and Robert Kennedy – a mobster so powerful, some say, he has a hand in the assassination of JFK.

Japanese Yakuza

Feared for their ruthless and strict codes of violence, the Yakuza of Japan traces their lineage back to the days of Samurai warriors who turned to crime. Their "Little Caesar" is the flamboyant Yoshinori Watanabe.

Cat No: RETDVD 024

Lord Of The Skies: Amado Carrillio Fuentes

A close up look at one of the most ruthless rulers of the vast Mexican Mafia, operating from within prisons throughout the states in the American Southwest and in Mexico .

The New Threat: Vietnamese Gangs

Composed mainly of refugees from Vietnam these gangs, now appearing in cities across USA , Canada and Australia, are quick to resort to violence and specialize in home-invasion robberies and high-tech computer crimes.

Russian Mafia

Comrade Gangster: The Russian Mafiya - The biggest and most powerful organised crime syndicate since the Cosa Nostra, with a vast network of criminal activity throughout the world and also an alarming amount of military hardware left over from the Cold War - headed by the ruthless Vyacheslav.

Cat No: RETDVD 021

Toto Riina: The Beast

Headed by the powerful don nicknamed “the Beast”, the mafia of Sicily has once again moved into the big time, supplying its cousins in America with everything from money laundering services to lucrative drug trafficking.

Paranormal Files

Enter the world of mysterious spirits and haunted places. Where people read minds and travel to distant lands without ever leaving their bodies.

Hosted by Roger Moore

Cat No: RETDVD 026

Sex Files

Can sex be used in order to steal hidden and secret world documents? How far will people go in order to get sex? Did high ranking world officials give up top secret documents and information that could change our future? It's all caught on camera!

Hosted by Roger Moore

Cat No: RETDVD 022

UFO Files

For five decades American agencies stockpiled information on UFO's… so did their counterparts behind the Iron Curtain.
Soldiers, scientists and spies all paint a disturbing picture of the KGB's secret campaign.
Hosted by Roger Moore

Cat No: RETDVD 029

UFO Abduction Files

The KGB was known to have kept the best records on world events. These documents were never to be made public, until we found them!

Hosted by Roger Moore

Cat No: RETDVD 023

JFK Assassination Files

November 22nd 1963, the world was shocked when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas and mystery has surrounded his death eversince.

Now years later, formerly top secret files of the KGB are beginning to surface, explore with us the recently de-classified information, photographs and film and hear what former top-ranking officials have to say and what they knew.

Cat No: RETDVD 001


We have a huge collection of Wildlife/Nature programs available for licensing. Please follow the link for the award-winning Safari catalogue or scroll down to see titles from the 'Deadly Predator/Killer Instinct' catalogue...


Safari Catalogue

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From the frozen Arctic to Africa’s pristine Okavango Delta, this catalogue is comprised of 78 episodes of the award-winning Safari series.


Deadly Predators / Killer Instincts Catalogue

The Big Cats

Deadly Preditors: The Big Cats

The Ultimate Stalkers - They may look like enormous versions of domestic pets but lions and tigers of the world are no "pussy cats". They are ruthless and successful carnivores of the highest order and they kill to eat. Rob Bredl takes you to see how lions and cheetahs stalk African plains. Then even in the darkest moments of survival you will appreciate the agililty of the Californian cougar as it pounces from above.

Cat No: RETDVD 047


Deadly Preditors: Crocodiles

Jaws On Land - The crocodilian is much-maligned reptile feared by humans more through ignorance than reason. Rob Bredl understands them.

Cat No: RETDVD 043

Sharks & Killer Whales

Deadly Preditors: Sharks & Killer Whales

Gliding Monsters Of The Deep - Sharks first appeared in the earth's ocean about 350 million years ago, long before dinasaurs ever roamed the Earth. Host Bob Bredl will dive to get you "Nose to jaws" with these highly adaotable predators of the sea.

Cat No: RETDVD 042


Deadly Preditors: Snakes

Your Number Phobia Is Here - With years of experience, snake aficionado Rob Bredl guides us through the haunts and lairs of the deadliest snakes on the planet including the inland Taipan, which he says, "can kill you in three seconds if it hits an artery". With Rob's unique insight into the Cobra, Python, Taipan and more, viewers will embark on a journey from fear to understanding and ultimately careful respect for some of the most dangerous reptiles on the planet. Rob dodges death at every turn, turning his hard won knowledge into amazing one on one encounter all caught on camera.

Cat No: RETDVD 046

Australian Pythons

Australian Pythons

Pythons are relatively primitive and were some of the first snakes to evolve.  Rob Bredl makes a study of the snakes that branded Australia “The land of the Pythons.” In all sizes and colors, Rob really gets into a “pet” topic of his and drapes himself with these big guns of the snake world. From 20 inches to 20 feet they are all constrictors and use this as their means of killing prey. Rob takes us to an annual bat migration where Children’s pythons find plenty of prey... he takes to the trees to find the beautiful green python and even a type named after Rob Bredl’s famous snake expert father, the “Bredlii.”

Rob seaches for answers as to why they are one of the only predators with color vision and how they have adapted so well to a harsh environment. He shows us how the Python uses both his scent sense to find rodent tracks and follow them all the way the burrow… and when the python will use his infra red sensing abilities in tandem with this sense of smell to track down birds in trees.

Urban Birds Of Prey

Urban Birds Of Prey

Rob leaves his beloved bush for the noise and jangle of the city to examine the adaptive nature of Owls, Kingfishers, Magpies, Butcherbirds, Crows… all well-adapted carnivores living with us. Rob demonstrates the tool-making and tool-using behavior of crows and how strong social bonds keep a crow family together.

And while listening to its beautiful song discover the grisly details of how the Butcherbird gets it’s name. This plus a night hunt for the prince of darkness the owl will have you wondering at the murder and mayhem surrounding you in your civilized suburb.



For a study in sheer animal cunning it would be difficult to surpass the dingo; an animal very similar in appearance to the domestic dog with good reason… the dingo is the original dog, the first wolf to be domesticated from Asia 3,000 years ago and now released for so many generations in Australia that it has returned to wolf-like behavior.

Rob Bredl examines this killer of the outback to find the truth behind the hype. It successfully hunts kangaroos as well as running down sheep and cattle. For this reason in the state of Queensland a fence 3000 miles long has been erected to try and keep it out.  Most famous for taking and reportedly eating baby Azaria Chamberlain in the late 70’s as portrayed in the Meryl Streep movie “A Cry in the Dark. The dingo has recently started to attack and kill humans again posing clashing cries of destruction and conservation. Rob has his own dingoes DNA tested for purity and lineage knowing the killer instinct lies deep within.



From the furtive movements of the tiniest of the species to the lumbering motion of the massive Komodo Dragon, lizards can evoke a fear that ripples down our spine knowing their minds are cool with a single purpose… to survive at your cost if necessary. 

Rob Bredl brings new understanding to the Komodo Dragons, the largest monitor on earth, and compares them with their Australian cousins the goannas. He also introduces us to the perentie, known by the Australian Aboriginal people as the "Land Crocodile." Rob gleefully gets his hands on some serious lizards surviving in extreme environments on pure killer instinct.

Marsupial Carnivores

Marsupial Carnivores

Strange, vicious little creatures with Dracula-like teeth & really bad attitudes because aggression is a major key to survival. Don’t let the size fool you- they can pack a whole lot of punch for their size. Rob Bredl introduces us to Numbats, Dunnarts, Quolls, Phascogales, Planigales and Antechinus. These amazing little animals feature high aggression matched only by their metabolic rates.

Hunting and stalking their prey is like watching a top African predator hunt… only in fast forward. Rob shows us their needle-like fangs and ponders their roots in a harsh land where once their prehistoric ancestors where lumbering giants compared with their modern, high speed counterparts. Rob also searches for answers of the extinct “Marsupial Lion” being compared to the saber-toothed tiger and if it is somehow linked to a mystery of Yeti proportions that has been lurking the Australian bush for close to a century.

Ocean Venom

Ocean Venom

These innocent looking and often pretty ocean dwellers have frighteningly powerful toxins to inject into their victims. From blue ringed octopus, box jellyfish, sea wasps, stonefish and cone shells to the headline making, deadly irukandji, Rob Bredl goes offshore to find out why such potent venoms are needed to kill small prey fish when merely brushing against an irukandji “jellyfish” can bring excruciating pain and inevitable death to innocent human swimmers.

On Australia’s magnificent beaches these guys are the worst ambassadors you could ask for… but which is the deadliest to humans and why has it developed such a powerful arsenal? Rob pulls on his flippers drifts with these killers for the answers.

The Spiders

The Spiders

Spiders; one of the greatest fear-inducing creatures… even a shadow of a spider evokes caution and loathing. But Rob Bredl only sees their cunning, agility and intelligence as great hunters. You will enter the world of venomous spiders, as Rob introduces you to the hairiest, deadliest and most aggressive spiders that hunt their prey like miniature lions.  You’ll meet the damaged human survivors of spider attacks and how to avoid being bitten in the first place. Get uncomfortably close to Funnel Webs, massive Bird Eating Spiders, White Tails, Tarantulas, Red Backs/Black Widows, Scorpions and more… and you’ll discover when you’ve got poison in your fangs this deadly - size doesn’t matter.

The Elvis Story: The Boy, The Man, The King

The Elvis Story: The Boy, The Man, The King
This is the musical and the social phenomenon who's looks, incredible voice and style set in motion the Rock 'N' Roll era. The story of Elvis Presley traces his early years with fascinating detail, film clips, rare early footage and wealth of photographs are all here on this DVD.

Cat No: RETDVD 015

James Dean: The Original Rebel Without A Cause

James Dean: The Original Rebel Without A Cause
On September 30th 1955, James Dean was only 24 years of age when he was killed in an automobile accident, but today he is still revered as an icon of Fifties style. This film traces his life fro the early years in Indiana up to his finest hour in the movie 'Rebel Without A Cause'.

Cat No: RETDVD 017

Marilyn: The Discovery Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn: The Discovery Of Marilyn Monroe
She was beautiful. Half child, half woman..." A legend was about to be born. In 1945 Norma Jeane Dougherty was working on a factory assembly line when she was 'discovered' by army photographer Private David Conover. As the first man to recognise her photogenic qualities he was stunned by her beauty.

Cat No: RETDVD 016

The Peter Green Story: Man Of The World

The Peter Green Story: Man Of The World

Legendary musician Peter Green was co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, one of the most sucessful bands to emerge from the 1960s. The documentary film marks Fleetwood Mac's 40th anniversary year and traces Green's early successes, having written the band's first number one hit Albatross, and Black Magic Woman (later a huge hit for Santana)

It also examines Green's subsequent spiral into schizophrenia. The film features extensive rare archive footage of live and studio performances and in-depth interviews with Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac's original producer) and Carlos Santana.

120 Mins

Star Portrates: Anita Baker

Anita Baker

At the age of 12, Anita Baker was already impressing people with her remarkable vocal talents…to her family and friends she was known as ‘the little lady with the big voice’ and yet, at the age of 18, after recording a flop album with the Detroit based R&B group Chapter 8, she considered that her career was over before it had even begun.

In Star Portraits, Anita reveals how a record company executive talked other influential music business people into giving her a second chance which resulted in her becoming one of the best R&B/Soul artists to emerge from the US during the eighties. The church played an early, influential role in her singing career, and legendary jazz names like Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson were also an inspiration to the young Detroit singer.

The turning point in Anita Baker is the world – “No one can do Anita Baker like I can”, she admits disarmingly. “I always want to be associated with quality”.

Star Portraits features many of the musical highlights of Anita Baker’s career including clips of her highlights. The proof is here that she is a worthy successor to the crown of the late great Sarah Vaughan.

Star Portrates: Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan

CHAKA KHAN has been astonishing audiences worldwide for nearly 20 hitmaking years with her gorgeous soulful voice, astonishing musical eclecticism and dynamic personal presence. From her early funky hits with dance/soul band Rufus to her later solo and duet triumphs, Chaka has never given less than her absolute best.

Her career and larger-than-life personality are examined here in a fascinating series of interviews, performance footage, and tributes from relatives and friends. “Success has not changed Chaka at all”, reveals her mother, “she is completely uninhibited onstage and offstage…”, while singer/actress Pia Zadora explains: “She’s got it inside, it’s an inner excitement, something constantly going on and yet she doesn’t throw it at your face. It’s a nice thing to watch, it’s easy, she’s easy to listen to and easy to watch.

Very much her own woman, Chaka here is revealingly honest about her life and her work: “I can’t be given a song and be told ‘sing it like this, use these licks, this is the way I want you to sound’. When I go into a studio, all that my producer says is ‘Sing!’ That’s all he says, and that’s the way I work best or I don’t work at all. Because its personal, its very personal with me. It’s my art, it’s mine”.

Star Portrates: The Commodores

The Commodores

THE COMMODORES were at the height of their success when Lionel Richie, in many ways the leader of the group, decided that he wanted to have a solo career. Many music industry observers considered that the band would not survive for long without Richie but they did, and returned to the charts with hits like Nightshift and Goin’ To The Bank, while Lionel Richie himself went to have international solo success.

The story of The Commodores is told here via the band’s respective members, flashbacks to their finest moments, and contributions from other top artists including Lou Rawls and Ronald Townson of 5th

Dimension. Rawls discusses the difficulties The Commodores faced when Richie left, and J.D. Nicholas talks about the challenge he faced when he was asked to join the band as their lead vocalist.

During their long career The Commodores, with or without Lionel Richie, have won nine platinum and 24 gold discs. During a ten year period they were one of the most popular black music groups in the US and abroad. This Star Portrait recalls the triumphs like Nightshift, Goin’ To The Bank and Machine Gun and illustrates just why they captured such a huge international following.

Star Portrates: Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck

Fate took a hand when the newly-named Engelbert Humperdinck was asked to fill in for another singer who was indisposed and topped the bill of the top-rating UK television show Sunday Night At The Palladium. He sang his new single Release Me, and became the proverbial ‘overnight success’ – and more than 25 years later he is still charming fans around the world.

Humperdinck is the ‘Mr Romance’ of popular music. His records have sold in the millions (at its peak Release Me was selling 85,000 copies a day) and he has topped the bill in Las Vegas, London, New York, and just about every other major entertainment centre in the world.

In Star Portrait, Engelbert talks candidly about his life and his career. He started his career in music not as a singer but with a great love for the saxophone. His early idols were Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey “because I respected their musicianship”. He also revealed a remarkable talent for mimicry but eventually he found his true vocation…singing.

Englebert reveals the advice that he was given by Liberace, talks about his future ambitions, and why there won’t be an autobiography of his life as yet. “I would like to write a book but I would call it the first part of my career because I haven’t finished it yet”.

And of course there is plenty of the Humperdinck vocal magic with clips of him performing such classic hits as Release Me, The Last Waltz, Love Is All and After The Lovin’.

Star Portrates: Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan

GLORIA ESTEFAN and the Miami Sound Machine are the world’s most successful ambassadors of Latin-American music. Their exciting fusion of fiery Latin rhythms, modern rock and dance sensibilities, all topped by Gloria’s glorious vocals, have been a major fixture in International pop over the past 12 years.

The musical and personal history of the band is told here in a revealing series of interviews and performing footage. Among those interviewed are Gloria, husband Emilio – musical mastermind of the Miami Sound Machine – and such friends as Mickey Thomas of Starship.

Talented, beautiful and highly intelligent, Gloria has been described as a “down-to-earth Angel”. She herself says: “If I could freeze time, this would be it. I’ve never been happier. I’ve got a great career, my marriage is doing wonderfully, I’m a very happy person. The best I can hope for is to continue feeling this way….”.

Star Portrates: Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias

JULIO IGLESIAS has been described as the man who brought romance back to music, and with worldwide record sales in excess of 125 million albums at the last count he has certainly established himself as one of the world’s most successful recording artists.

His early ambition was to be a professional footballer but that career was brought to a premature demise when he was badly injured in a car accident. In 1968 he won the Benidorm Song Contest and it was the launch-pad to international fame.

Julio’s music has won him millions of fans around the world not least with the female sex. His Spanish charm and good looks have earned him a Romeo image, and he has several times been voted the sexiest man alive.

In Star Portraits, Iglesias chats candidly about his life and his work. With the help of flashbacks and clips from his television appearances, his career is traced from when he was just a Spanish pop singer through to his worldwide success. “I deserve my success because I fight for it”, he says “There’s nothing better in life than success”.

Star Portrates: Lou Rawls

Lou Rawls

The voice and presence of Lou Rawls transcends any individual musical genre. No one big – whether it’s soul, R&B, Jazz or pop has been able to contain the man’s immense style and talent. “You hear that voice and there’s no mistaking”, says Dick Clarke, “that is the one and only Lou Rawls, and he’s been able to adapt and live through all the times…he’s as current today as he was when he first came out. I think he’ll be contemporary till the day he dies”. A performer’s performer, we’re privileged to share some of Lou’s marvellous onstage moments when he sings such standards as “Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing”, “Tobacco Road”, “You’ll Never Find…” and “Wind Beneath My Wings”; conversely, we discover how Lou spends much of his time working for the United Negro College Fund Charity.

Star Portrait traces Lou’s career from its humble beginnings on Chicago’s South Side to his current musical eminence: riveting live footage, tributes from friends and colleagues (“Lou is one of my very favourite singers, I put him next to Joe Williams – I love that rasp in his voice” – Steve Allen) and candid interviews with Lou himself reveal the man behind that warm voice. “It’s a privilege to be an artist, because it’s something that’s unique”, declares Lou. “After you get into it for a while, you learn a certain form of creativity that is…unique unto you”.

Star Portrates: The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues

THE MOODY BLUES uplifting brand of cosmic music has been delighting and enlightening fans of intelligent rock since the mid-60’s. With total sales of over 40 million albums, the Moody Blues are still exciting audiences, confounding critics, and topping album charts worldwide.

The down-to-earth secrets of their success are told here in a revealing series of personal interviews, and their musical history is traced through absorbing new and vintage performing footage. “We always said we wanted to be everybody’s second favourite group”, explained drummer Graeme Edge, “and that’s the way it turned out for us!” added bass player John Lodge. “The main thing about the Moody Blues is that we’re all mates – that’s a lot different from being friends. Friendships are something you really have to work on, but mates, you can knock on somebody’s door 20 years later and it’s as though it was yesterday, you just pick up straightaway. That’s what its like with the Moody Blues”.

Star Portrates: Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka

NEIL SEDAKA’s mid – 70’s comeback after ten years in the doldrums is one of the most amazing stories in modern pop music. Back in 1963, after five years as a globally-successful singer (with sales of 25 million records) and equally successful songwriter, Sedaka was washed up, made obsolete by changing pop tastes. H is new music was contemporary, classy, and most of all commercial. He became a massive international star for the second time.

The ups and downs of Sedaka’s career are examined here in a fascinating series of frank personal interviews, ebullient performance footage, and tributes from friends, family and colleagues. Neil himself explains the musical genesis of several great hits including “Laughter In The Rain” and the slow version of “Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do”. We also catch a rare glimpse of his performing his first love, classical music, with a chamber music ensemble: “As a kid I was obliged to play”, says Neil, “but now I do it because I want to do it”.

Neil’s co-writer, lyricist Howard Greenfield explains how the partnership that created their hits came about, and declares, “When the success came a second time, not only did Neil know how to handle it, but he was able to maximise it. Not many people have a second chance like that.” Sedaka himself sums it all up very simply: “Every day is a gift, and if you work on that, its worthwhile”.

Star Portrates: Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge

RIITA COOLIDGE her voice: warm, strong and intimate, makes every fan and listener feel she’s singing directly to them. Ever since emerging in the late 60’s as the original “Delta Lady”, lovely Rita has bewitched millions worldwide with her cool confidence and marvellous musicality.

Rita’s rise to stardom, the story of her success, and her own personal and career ambitions are revealed here in a candid series of interviews with Rita herself and such friends as Bonnie Bramlett and songwriter Peter Allen, who says “What makes Rita different is that she doesn’t try to embellish a song or do anything other than sing the song as great as she can. She always gives you the song just straight, direct”.

The terrific performance and promotional film footage included here of Rita demonstrates her enviable versatility. She herself says of her music “I’ve always had a hard time trying to find a category to put my music in, therefore I’ve given up categories instead of giving up music, because I really enjoy every kind of music”.

Star Portrates: Roberta Flack

Roberta Flack

ROBERTA FLACK’s unique musical brand of “quiet fire”, a consummate blend of her gospel and classical training, has thrilled audiences worldwide for over two decades and earned her an enviable reputation as a performer’s performer. Her story is told here in a series of interviews and live footage, including a riveting 1971 performance at Mr Henry’s, the Washington night club where she was discovered that year.

Roberta herself talks in depth about her background – “It was almost like I was born in the ghettos, but the ghetto wasn’t born in me” – and interviews with friends and family confirm her early prodigiosity: “She competed in, and I think she placed in the Van Cilburn competiton. She was a serious concert pianist”, remembers her sister Ingrid. Among the many celebrities who pay tribute to Roberta are Quincy Jones, Leroy Dorsey, Les McCann, Ashford and Simpson and Lou Rawls, who says: “Roberta has the ability to take a song and make it personal to the point where you’re listening to it, you felt like, wow, that’s what I would have said, that’s how I would have felt.

One of the few superstars who truly deserve the epithet “classy”, Roberts reveals the philosophy behind her music: “I think you get what you go for”, she reveals, “I am not going for large numbers of people. I’m going for perfection as an artist”.

Star Portrates: Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer

ROBERT PALMER the blue eyed soul music of Robert Palmer has been winning him new fans for more than two decades now. He has become one of the UK’s truly international rock/pop stars, an artist capable of ringing the changes with his musical styles – whether performing evergreen standards by the likes of Cole Porter, or working and collaborating with the rising stars of the contemporary pop scene, Palmer has established himself as one of the greats of the contemporary pop scene.

In Star Portraits, Palmer discusses his career to date, and there are also contributions from fellow musicians including members of Kiss and Talking Heads. His appeal is analysed – “every man wants to be like him and every woman wants him” – and there are various clips of Palmer in performance including Discipline Of Love, Addicted To Love and I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On.

Palmer himself admits: “I see myself still as an apprentice, I’m still learning….” And he says that his career has been guided very much by his own personal instincts.

Star Portrates: Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton

SHEENA EASTON Few pop artists can genuinely claim to have been “an overnight success” but in the case of Sheena Easton from Glasgow, her rise to fame was positively phenomenal. In less than nine months she had gone from being an unknown singer on the local Glaswegian club scene to topping the US charts with what was only her second record, 9 to 5.

The launch pad for her career had been provided via an appearance on the BBC TV series ‘The Big Time’ which showcased Sheena and her endeavours to become a pop star. She was shown at her audition, recording her first single, and being generally groomed for stardom. The rest, as they say is pop music history.

In this Star Portrait, Sheena Easton reflects on her rise to stardom. “It has been a challenge but I have done what was right for me”, she says. “Luck and timing is so important in any career…I have had my failures but I have survived them…I believe that if you reflect positively it will come back to you.”
The film footage includes clips of Sheena performing such hits as 9 to 5, U Got The Look (with Prince), Strut and Days Like This. She discusses her acting career (which has included appearances on TV’s Miami Vice with Don Johnson) and the ultimate goal in her personal life.

Star Portrates: Tom Jones

Tom Jones

TOM JONES is one of the most successful individual stage and record performers of the rock era. His unflagging energy, good-humoured sexiness and most importantly his potent and powerful voice have remained virtually unchanged for over a quarter of a century.

His musical and personal history is told here in a revealing series of interviews and performing footage, while Tom’s candid analysis of his own appeal gives a unique insight into the man behind the image. Tom’s son, Mark Woodward, now his manager explains their intriguing father-son relationship, while tributes from fellow performers sit alongside some of Tom’s great onstage moments.

Says Tom of his act: “You should try to be as real as possible and then people can identify with you, if you become untouchable you cant do things tongue-in-cheek, you cant have so much fun – you have to act the part. Be who you are…it’s not an audience being there and my being here – we’re all in it together. It’s just like having a party”.

Crash Impact

Crash Impact

Sixty minutes of the most amazing crashes extracted from hours of racing footage! From motorcycles to boats to cars, this title assembles the most spectacular accidents & incidents from the most popular categories of motor sports.

Watch as man and machine attempt to combine skill & percision, but race instead towards high speed disaster!

Cat No: RETDVD 070

Crash Impact 2

Crash Impact 2

Jam packed with totally fresh mayhem from 10 of North America's top catigories of motor sports, Crash Impact 2 brings you face to face with high speed chaos. Witness the incredible in-car action from the pilot's seat - with every angle covered at the world's most challenging circuits.

This riveting hour of disasters from the risky side of power & pride is set to the hard driving sounds of some of Hollywood's best musicians. Guarenteed to leave you at the edge of your seat and gasping for breath, Crash Impact 2 is too powerful to be missed!

Cat No: RETDVD 071

Crash Impact 3

Crash Impact 3

The world's most notorious racing circuits are the scene yet again of total system mayhem and destruction. Crash Impact 3, the latest in the definitive motor sports crash series, brings you explosive action set to a pulsating soundtrack scored by Hollywood's hottest musicians.

Bursting with additional categories, Crash Impact 3 also features on-bike and in-car segments that virtually put you in the driver's seat when things get dangerous.

Cat No: RETDVD 072

Evil: The World's Deadliest Killers

Enter the world of evil, filled with destruction and perversion. Feel the terror as you enter the minds of the most deadly serial killers.

We tell the stories of men and women who are filled with twisted perceptions, Manson, Bundy and Dahmer are all on this DVD.

Cat No: RETDVD 003

Great Moments of the 20th Century: 1900-1945

Great Moments of the 20th Century

A New Beginning / World At War

Life in the 20th Century has proven to be amazing. From the realisation of flight by the Wright Brothers at the turn of the century to Neil Armstrong and the moon landing in 1969, technological advances are progressing at a tremendous rate. Events had taken place that shaped our civilisation and changed the destiny of humanity forever.

125 Mins
Cat No. RETDVD201

Great Moments of the 20th Century: 1945-1970

Great Moments of the 20th Century

Post War Prosperity / Protest & Progress

Life in the 20th Century has proven to be amazing. From the realisation of flight by the Wright Brothers at the turn of the century to Neil Armstrong and the moon landing in 1969, technological advances are progressing at a tremendous rate. Events had taken place that shaped our civilisation and changed the destiny of humanity forever.

125 Mins
Cat No. RETDVD202

Great Moments of the 20th Century: 1970-2000

Great Moments of the 20th Century

A New World Order / The Global Community

Life in the 20th Century has proven to be amazing. From the realisation of flight by the Wright Brothers at the turn of the century to Neil Armstrong and the moon landing in 1969, technological advances are progressing at a tremendous rate. Events had taken place that shaped our civilisation and changed the destiny of humanity forever.

125 Mins
Cat No. RETDVD203

Heroes of World War II: Europe & Air Warfare

Heroes of World War II

In terms of lives lost and military destruction, this global conflict was the most decistating war in human history. Beginning in 1939 as a European conflict between Germany and an Anglo-French coalition, it widened to include most of the nations in the world.

Cat No. RETDVD301

Heroes of World War II: Pearl Harbour & The Pacific

Heroes of World War II

In terms of lives lost and military destruction, this global conflict was the most decistating war in human history. It ended in 1945 leaving a new world order dominated by the U.S. and U.S.S.R.

Cat No. RETDVD302

In The Footsteps Of The Holy Family

In The Footsteps of the Holy Family

Filmed in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. This intruiging documentary explores the mysteries of the miraculous birth of Jesus and his perilous flight to Egypt.

Hosted by Roger Moore

Cat No: RETDVD 006

Roswell: The Cover Ups & Close Encounters

Well known UFOlogist and eye witness still alive from the event at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 try to answer this compelling mystery.

Did an alien aircraft and it's entire crew actually survive a fiery plunge to earth for years through government red tape and covert agency cover-ups?

It did - Until now.

Cat No: RETDVD 006

The Search For Nazi Gold

Trace the rise and fall of the Third Reich and Hitler's obsession for gold. Then stories of Nazi generals shipping the gold to Canada after WW2.

The ship carrying the gold was sunk off the coast of Venezuela, 60 years later our cameras search the depths for the cargo.

Be preapred to be astonished with the findings.

Cat No: RETDVD 004

The Spirit Of Diana

Britains most renowned psychics retrace Diana's final journey and gather with her closest friends to reach out to her spirit.

This most exciting and riveting event hosted by Patrick Macnee features the UK's top mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton Parker, conducting a seance to reach the spirit of Diana.

You will not believe the answers that "come through" and which are discussed by a panel of her confidants, spiritual advisers and personal astrologers. This is truly a remarkable event that will capture the interest of people everywhere.

Cat No: RETDVD 006

UFO Chronicles

The truth is out there, could the unbelievable be believable? There have been thousands of UFO sightings since the beginning of time.

These chronicles investigate these reports of contacts, abductions, landings and sightings through key witnesses, photo' and film clips.

Cat No: RETDVD 002

World Magic Awards

World Magic Awards

The Biggest magical television special in history! Gathered are some of the world's greatest illusionists!

Award winning performers include the legendary Pendragons, Jeff McBride, Michael Friffin and Franz Harary.

Cat No: RETDVD 400




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