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Inside Out

Inside Out

When student doctor James Silverdale meets Cristabel Foldova from Prague working in a London restaurant, they are smitten with one another, and fall in love. It soon becomes evident that Cristabel is an ambitious girl and that she will do what is necessary to have her own nightclub in the city.

James meanwhile is resentful that his doctor brother is paying for his university education. He takes refuge in drink and talks of quitting university and running off to Peru. When Cristabel tells James that she is moving to Mayfair, he begins to suspect that she has a sugar daddy on the side who is helping her in exchange for sex.

95 Mins

The Peter Green Story: Man Of The World

The Peter Green Story: Man Of The World

Legendary musician Peter Green was co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, one of the most sucessful bands to emerge from the 1960s. The documentary film marks Fleetwood Mac's 40th anniversary year and traces Green's early successes, having written the band's first number one hit Albatross, and Black Magic Woman (later a huge hit for Santana)

It also examines Green's subsequent spiral into schizophrenia. The film features extensive rare archive footage of live and studio performances and in-depth interviews with Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac's original producer) and Carlos Santana.

120 Mins

Within The Woods

Within The Woods

Within The Woods is a stark day Horror film from film maker Luke Massey, from his own script.

The film has been made with the classic low budget horror film in mind; think "Evil Dead" meets "Night of the Living Dead" with the production values of Robert Rodriguez's debut "El Mariachi" or Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste". This is not a glamorous Hollywood studio flick, but a gritty plot driven horror shot using novel filming, lighting, and special effect techniques to tell the story of a broken family struggling to keep things together while facing an ultimate terror.

Sisters Of Death

Sisters Of Death Five mysterious and sexy women, who were once members of a secret society are unexpectesly invited to a reunion at a dark and remote castle in California, in no time they come to realise that their past is coming back to haunt them…. They have been trapped by an evil man on the edge of madness. Film international called this "Truly the most horric movie in years" hot shots said " Sinsiter and sexy…… A must see movie".

90 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 500

Blood Sabbath

Blood Sabbath A young innocent mans life is destroyed when he falls victim to a depraved coven of beautiful, but evil and sadistic witches. At first lured by their spellbibding erotic beauty, he falls deeper and deeper into a pit of lust and sin!

90 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 501

Bloody Wednesday

Bloody Wednesday An unpredictable psaychological horror story about a man who suffers a near fatal breakdown…… His brother then sets him up as a caretaker of an old vacant motel. He encounters strange attackers who may or may not be real! Slowly he descends into the dark jaws of madness……

96 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 502

Night Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead George A. Romeo's first commercial film and a triumph of style and content over budget. The cost saving black & white film only serves to add tension and atmosphere to what is already a ver precise exercise in terror. Seven strangers take refuge in an old farm house while armies of flesh eating zombies roam the night searching for human flesh. Who will survive till morning and who will fall foul of the walking corpses and become themselves, one of the undead…..

98 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 503

Good Versus Evil

Good Versus Evil The life of an ordinary young man is turned into stark horror when his sexy teen wife is beset by the devil. Against the odds he battles to bring her back from the dark realm of sexual depravity but with every passing moment he realises that the forces of evil are too much for her to resist… and she has become the devils play thing! Horror guide called this movie "A film in the tradition of the exorcist which gives Friedkin a run for his money…. Petrifying!

79 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 504

Don't Look In The Basement

Don't Look In The Basement In an experimental hospital for the criminally insane, the "pioneering" director continues to introduce unorthodox methods despite the protestation of an anxious community. In one of his experiments he allows the inmates to act out their wild and twisted fantasies whe a pretty new nurse arrives things begin to get out of hand and the director is axed to death in the most brutal manner…. Slowly but surely the nurse and her patients descend into dark abyss of sex and death. Who can srvive the carnage…. Where should they look for help? One things for sure - don't look in the basement!!!

86 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 505


Embryo Horrifying results abound as a scientist played by Rock Hudson develops a full grown woman days by administering a growth hormone toa 3 months old foetus he obtains from a female suicide victim. The beautiful, sexy and superintelligent superwoman as portrayed by Barbara Carrera, becomes the devoted virgin lover of the creator. But soon love turns to hate as the "Experiment" goes wrong, and she has to kill to survive.

104 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 506

Death Screams

Death Screams A young, lovemaking couple sit by a river. As a train pases overhead, so does a rope over their heads, as a stranger strangles them. Dead, their bodies fall into the river…. The bloodthirsty psycho then sets his sight, on a group of teenage friends. He stalks them while they attend the town's carnival, and proceeds to follow them after they leave to party the night away by the town's river, and graveyard. But bad weather sends them to shelter in an abandoned house, where the psycho awaits with his Machete…

84 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 507

Carnival Of Souls

Carnival Of Souls Carnival of Souls has gained a strong cult reputation over recent years. Directed and produced by Harold "Herk" Harvey, it is an intruiging power, mixing ordinary people and everyday situations with the extraordinary and the supernatural. Made in Lawrence, Kansas in 1962, the film centres on Mary Henry (Candace Hilligos), who apparently survives a serious car accident. Shortly after, she heads for Utah and a new job as a church organist, but is pursued by a cadaverous phantom figured played by Herk Harvey. While lots of today's horror films rely heavily on special effects, Carnival of souls does not. It's magic lies in its tense atmospheric, crisp photgraphy characters.

75 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 508

Silent Night, Bloody Night

Silent Night, Bloody Night The new owner of a mansion discovers it was once a mental home. When he visits his inheritance he sets about investigating some old crimes that took place at the mansion, scaring the local populace in the process.

81 Mins

Cat No: RETDVD 509



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