HHO offers Premium products that can be used in conjunction with any promotions you may have. A carefully compiled CD or DVD can be an extremely satisfying reward for any target market, but the benefits don't stop there.

These projects allow our customers to creat a customised audio CD or DVD, utilising our large catalogues of material which you can either attach to your publication as a free gift with purchase, as part of a loyalty scheme, giveaways, as well as for general retail instore.

Our Premium Products have aided in boosting sales of the magazines, newspapers (including the Daily Mail, Sunday Express, The People, The Sun, News of the World, Evening Standard, Sunday Mirror to name but a few), and retail markets that we have worked within the past.

By matching brand image with top recording artists and film stars or creating themes that reflect and reinforce the personality and image, you can capture your audience whilst at the same time elevating and enhancing your brand.

Being an independent, our packages offer significant discounts from similar services of the major record companies. We will supply you with samples and costing estimates and can handle everything from concept to delivery (concept development, content sourcing, development & licensing, replication & delivery).

With a proven track record and access to the world's largest indie repertoire, HHO will show you how to harness the energy of these mediums to directly hit your target market and add a new dimension to your marketing communications.


Premiums can be used to:

- Create customer interest and attract new business.
- Generate repeat sales.
- Reward high value customers.
- Shift Perceptions.
- Launch a new Brand (e.g. soft drink, clothing, accessories etc).
- Add extra value to your product or service.

What a better way to define and add dimension to the personality of your brand than with music and film.


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